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Palomar Amusements is proud to offer AMI’s full digital jukebox line. From the NGX mini for locations with tight space requirements to the full sized NGX classic. We have a digital jukebox that will meet your location’s needs.

AMI has been a leader in jukeboxes since 1927 and continues to have one of the largest music catalogs available. Your customers can select from over 1,000,000 songs and 20,000 music videos!
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Multiple ways for your customers to pay


Our AMI digital jukeboxes are equipped with dual MEI bill validators that accept $1 to $20 bills.
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Credit Cards

No cash? No problem! Your customers can pay with their credit cards right on the jukebox.
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AMI Music App

No cash? No problem! Your customers can also use the AMI Music App to select and pay right from their seat!
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Now with Music Videos

AMI jukeboxes now offer music videos! Want to display the music videos on your venue’s TVs? No problem we can connect the jukebox to your venue’s video distribution system to create an immersive environment that will pull your customers in the door and keep them in until last call.

AMI Ad Manager

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AMI Ad Manager gives you a digital signage solution integrated into your jukebox. AMI Ad Manager displays your custom signage on the upper half of the NGX screen and on all connected TVs. Integrating music videos and digital signage into a powerful promotion tool perfect for your location.

Great Speakers

Great music is key to pulling your customers in the door and keeping them at your location. The music coming from your Jukebox is only as good as the speakers that are connected to it. That’s why we install only high end commercial speakers designed specifically for foreground music.

Some of our competitors choose to use home audio or lower end commercial equipment designed only for background music in their installations. The speakers that we install, such as the JBL Contractor Control Series foreground speakers, are designed to be driven hard every day and provide top quality sound for years to come.
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2000 Watts of Power

Does your bar or club need a sound system that can vibrate the fillings out of your customers teeth? No problem, we can configure our Jukeboxes with dual 1000 watt amplifiers in them. Have a especially large location or multiple floors and need more than 2000 Watts? We also offer external amplifiers for large venues.

Of course we can also put in systems that sound fantastic at lower sound levels too.
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